About Jerry & Joan


Performing as the Lost Mill String Band, or simply Jerry & Joan, we are based out of Sevierville, Tennessee and proudly represents the unique American roots string band music of our great Appalachian Mountain culture. Lost Mill is Full Time, Olde Tyme. It is our passion and our obligation to share, preserve, educate and promote this original American Appalachian mountain art form.

The non intrusive style of Lost Mill reflects a devotion to the music frequently described by fans,radio and magazines as smooth and relaxing to listen to.

The music of Lost Mill celebrates original tunes, mountain ballads, stories of both hardship and pleasure, passed down through music and song from generation to generation by our Appalachian ancestors. 

  We are available (with ample advance notice) for events such as;

            *Corporate, Business & Private Events *
             *Roving Minstrels * Theme Performances *
             *Weddings * Schools * Festivals * Theater*
             *Workshops * Lessons * Lobby Greetings *
             *Campground Events * Tourist Entertainment *
             * Tours * Store Front Entertainment * Restaurants*

          Contact: Joan Paul
          865 719 8819 

          4482 Pearl Valley Road,
          Sevierville, TN 37876

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