Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont

Mission Statement

Educating people of all ages, about the music of the Appalachian Mountians, is one of our prime objectives. We try to foster an interest in actually playing an instrument of some sort. Many people pick up a guitar, banjo or some other instrument, and are unsuccessful  with it. They therefore assume that they cannot play music. They simply may have picked up an instrument that was not a natural "fit" for them, making it overly difficult to learn.

It is my personal belief that if a person has a natural  sence of timing, (which MOST of us do) then they can play music if they discover the instrument that comes "natural" to them. This is why we offer  the Kiddin" Around program. It allows every participant to have a hands on experience with ~ 10  Appalachian instruments, primitive to advanced. Invariably, one of these instruments catches the interest of one of the participants and encourages them to persue learning it.  

Due to the intensly interactive nature of the our  1 hour Kiddin' Around program, we must limit our class size to 25 participants. If a group has more than 25, we will do shows back to back, with the second hour at a reduced rate since we are already set up and ready to go.

Please contact us for availability. We need as much advance notice as possible.